SAFEROM CO.,LTD. is a leading company in the area of copy compatibility of its solutions.
Our mission is to protect the intellectual property for our customers by ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and preservation of intellectual properties.
The technology is the most specific and strongest copy protection solution for Data file, DVD-Video, CD-Audio, BD, and USB. Hiding File Function on
internal and external hard at computer is one of our outstanding technologies. Our smart burning software program with our protected blank CD,DVD,BD
guarantees you satisfactory copy protection.
Our research efforts have been concentrated on CD Copy Protection. We succeed in producing one of the most stable, compatible, safe
and fast copy protection techniques and we successfully used this solution to protect more than 1,000,000 CDs to cover our local market. Based on its major success
in domestic software market, we have initiated its overseas marketing activities.
For customer satisfaction, continual technology development has been conducted. Likewise, we promise to offer updated solution and new technology now and for ever.
Thank you.