Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this Agreement DNA KOREA Ltd. (e-commerce provider) which is operated by Cyber DNA KOREA Mall (the "Mall") and provided by the Internet-related services ("Services") is stated as Cyber Mall and users' rights, obligations and responsibilities is to stipulate.. ※ "PC communications, wireless, and about the use of e-commerce does not contradict its nature is one of these terms and conditions apply, mutatis mutandis," Article 2 (Definitions) ① "Mall" means the goods or services the company DNA KOREA (hereinafter "goods, etc.") as the user of the computer and to provide information technology facilities, including the trade of goods is set to be refers to an imaginary place of business, as well as running the cyber mall operators are also used. ② "User", "mall" in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the "mall" to receive the services provided to members and nonmembers says. ③ 'Member' means the "mall" to provide personal information to register a jaroseo, "Mall" receives continued to provide the information, the service offered by this "mall" who is constantly available. ④ 'Non' means do not become a member of the "mall" on those who use the services provided says. Article 3 (specification and description, and revision of Terms) ① "mall" and representatives of this agreement and mutual name, office location address (to handle consumer complaints, including the address where), telephone number, e-mail address, business registration number, internet business numbers, personal information manager, and so that users can easily see the DNA KOREA Cyber Mall initial service screen (the front) is posted. However, the terms of the contents of the user can follow a link so you can do. ② "Mall" should seek to provide such as withdrawing the refund conditions can be understood by the user of important information on a separate linked page or pop-up screen for the user's confirmation before they agree to the Terms and Conditions of the offer set out in the content. ③ "Mall" can amend this Agreement to the extent by not violating laws in Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act, Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization, visit the Sales Act, the Consumer Protection Act. ④ "Mall" to amend the terms of the effective date and if the reason for the revision or amendment of the revised agreement, if the effective date 7 days prior to the effective date will be announced until the day before. If we change the terms and conditions for disadvantage to users, prior to notice to left a grace period at least 30 days. In this case, the "mall" show users are easy to see for the amendment before and after the revision by comparing the contents clearly. ⑤ "Mall", a revision or amendment to this agreement to the terms and conditions after the effective date applies only if an agreement is already in the previous terms and conditions of contracts for the provision in notice period will continue to apply. However, users have already signed an agreement to the terms of the amended terms will want to receive notice under paragraph 3 by the revised terms to the "mall" by sending a "mall" If you received the consent of the application of the new agreement is. ⑥ This agreement or the interpretation of this agreement with respect to consumer protection Act, the Regulation of the Act, the Fair Trade Commission consumer protection guidelines prescribed by the law or good commercial practice and in relation follow. Article 4 (provision of services and changes) ① "mall" to perform the following tasks. A. Register for the information and provide services and offer the conclusion of the contract 2. business as prescribed by Other "Mall". ② "Mall" of goods or services, such as stock, or if changes in the technical specifications provided in the future for goods or services, you can change. In this case, the content and delivery of goods or services have changed the date stated in the current where the goods or services are offered will be posted immediately. ③ "Mall" to provide users with the legal description of the service contracts or technical specification changes if you change to such causes as the reason to notify users of available addresses will be notified immediately. ④ Of the preceding paragraph, the "mall" for the user's loss because of this remedy. However, the "mall" that there is no willful misconduct or negligence is proven does not apply. Article 5 (interruption of service) ① "mall" of information technology facilities, such as computer maintenance, replacement, and failure, including disruption of communications in case of private provision of services can be interrupted temporarily. ② "Mall" service by the reason of paragraph (1) caused by temporary discontinuation of the user or a third party should compensate for damages. However, the "mall" that there is no willful misconduct or negligence is proven does not apply. ③ Changes in the lines of business, business to give up, for reasons such as the integration of companies being unable to provide services, the "mall" in the manner specified in Article 8 of the original notification to the user from the "mall" in accordance with the terms of the proposed consumer a reward. However, the "mall" has not notified the standards of compensation, the user's mileage or bonus, and the "mall" used as currency in cash or goods will be paid to the user. Article 6 (Member) ① The "mall", depending on the form provided by the record the information of this agreement by declaring the intention to apply for membership. ② "Mall" have applied to join as a member of the following cases. 1. If you have lost your membership pursuant to this Agreement of paragraph 3 of Article 7, just by paragraph 3 of Article 7, after three years, the approval of the members rejoining gained from “mall” can be made. 2. In case as you have False information, omission. 3. To register as a member of the "mall" If it is determined that there is an obstacle in the technology. ③ Register the formation of the contract the "mall" to the Member's consent to a point in time is reached. ④ Members in paragraph 1 of Article 15 by the change in registration e-mail when there is a way "mall" must be informed about those changes. Article 7 (Withdrawal and Disqualification etc.) ① Members of the "mall" at any time and ask for the withdrawal of the "mall" is processed immediately and delete my account. ②Member is found guilty of the following cases, the "mall" membership restrictions and can be stopped. 1. If you have registered false information when applying for subscription 2. "Mall" and offer the services and payment information, etc. using the "mall" with regard to the debt burden of a member if you are not paid to date 3. Others from using the "mall" interfere with or stolen information, or threatened e-commerce order. 4. Act against public order and morals or prohibited by law or this Agreement from "Mall". ③ "Mall" restrict membership or after stopping, the same act or repeated two or more times within 30 days if the offense is not corrected the "mall" may cancel the membership. ④ "Mall" forfeits the membership, if the registration is canceled. In this case, notify members and at least 30 days prior to cancellation of registration of the time limit will give the opportunity to vocation. Article 8 (notice to Member) ① "mall" If you notice that for members, a member of the "mall" and by pre-arrangement can be done through the e-mail address. ② "Mall" can notice personally to an unspecified number of members by posting notice on the bulletin board for more than a week. However, with respect to the member's transaction in respect of significant impact must be notified personally. Article 9 (subscription offer) "Mall" users of the "mall" on the following or similar services by providing information on how to apply for the offer, and "mall" as a service to provide information or offer in each of the following easy to understand information will be provided. However, if you are a member, you 4 can be excluded the provisions of Section2 or 4. 1. Member of the Selection, Search. 2. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number), and enter. 3. Terms and conditions, service excluding the rights of cancellation, registration, and verification of information relating to cost. 4. No.3 Of this agreement to confirm or deny matters (ex, a mouse click). 5. Membership and service providers and any or confirmation of the "mall" Agree to confirm. 6. Choice of payment method. Article 10 (Establishment of contract) ① "mall" in the following cases corresponding to the request of purchase, you may not agree. However, if you signed a contract with a minor, the consent of legal guardian if the minor or the legal representative may cancel this contract must be notified of the contents. 1. Apply false information, omission or if you have. 2. Youth Protection Act that prohibits minors from the service if the offer. 3. To approve the request to purchase other "mall" If you think there is an obstacle in the technology. ② "Mall" consider the contact is finalized at the user reaches the point of view in Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the approval notice in the form. ③ "Mall" must include information regarding gesture of acceptance of the User confirmation for the purchase and sale of application availability, correction and cancellation of the purchase request. Article 11 (Payment Methods) purchased from the "mall" payment for goods or services, each of the following methods available can be done by way of. However, the "mall" of payment of any levy of fee and cannot be added. 1. Telephone banking, internet banking, mail banking, Bank transfer etc.. 2. Deposit payment online. 3. Payment by electronic money. 4. "Mall" and signed a contract, or the "mall" recognized by the payment vouchers. 5 Any other form of electronic payment, etc. Article 12 (Notification, Change and Cancel Purchase Request) ① "mall" if application of the purchase receipt must be notified to the user. ②The user who is given the notice of acknowledged receipt, immediately after receiving notice of the receipt, the request without delay in accordance with the request register and request a change or cancel to the "mall” must be processed. The payment was made already, subject to agreements of Article 15. Article 13 (supply of goods) ①when there is no longer any separate agreement, "mall" and the supply of goods offer to users a day seven days so it can be shipped within custom-made, packaging, and other necessary measures will be taken. However, the "mall" of goods already received either full or partial payment if the payment date of receipt of all or part of the action will be taken within two business days. The "mall" procedures the progress of the supply of goods so that you can determine the appropriate action. ② "Mall" specify the means of delivery for goods purchased, shipping costs, and the period of ships by the means to express. If the "mall" has exceeded the agreed shipping period of the resulting user must pay compensation for the damages. However, the "mall" that there is no willful negligence is proven and does not apply. Article 14 (rebate), "mall" applied for the purchase of goods and stock to such causes as India or not be able to provide, without delay, notify the users and the reason for payment of goods received in advance, if the date of receipt of payment within two business days for refund or rebate will take the necessary measures. Article 15 (cancellation of contract, etc.) ① User who is "mall" and signed an agreement can be withdrawal regarding a purchase of goods within 7 days of notice. ②Users who sign up and provide service information corresponding to one of the following subparagraphs, an offer can be withdrawn and the fees charged do not return. 1. Responsibility to the user as If you have received service information already provided ③Paragraph 2 or 4, favors the second case, the "mall" cancellation of contract in advance and are limited by the fact that consumers can easily see where the specified goods or trial, if they have not offered any details of users withdrawn and is not restricted. ④User can be withdrawal contract provided information and service information which is different or differently implemented despite paragraph (1), Within seven days per year, or you could find out the fact within 15 days. Article 16 (Effect of cancellation of contract) ① "mall" to withdraw from the Applicant's request within three days, and if you have already received payment of membership fee payment is refunded. In this case, the "mall" delayed refund of membership fee for the period of delay and notified by the Fair Trade Commission to delay the rate of interest calculated by multiplying the interest on delayed payments. ② "Mall" request to stop or to cancel a means of payment such as credit card or electronic money has paid the price of goods, to providers provided goods of payment without delay as reimbursement. ③The cost of returning the goods will be borne by the user in case of cancellation of contract. The "mall" does not claim a penalty for withdrawal of contract. Just the "mall" will pay cancellation of contract and the cost of returning the goods in case of advertising of goods for display, or the content and implementation of different or differently from the terms. ④ "Mall" is clearly marked to see easily for user when user is withdrawing the offer, Who pays the cost. Article 17 (privacy) ①"Mall" collects the minimum information required Register the implementation of the information at the time of collection. The following subjects are required and any other information is optional. 1. Name. 2. Social security number (Members only) or alien registration number. 3. Address. 4. Telephone number. 5. Hope ID (Members only). 6. Password (Members only). 7. E-mail address (or mobile phone number). ② "Mall" must receive the user’s consent when collecting user's personally identifiable information. ③The provided personal information without the user's consent is not used, and it is not provided to other third parties. It is responsible for this "mall". However, the following cases are exceptional. 1. Statistics, academic research or market research as necessary to identify a specific individual, if not provided in the form. 2. The payment for cancellation of contract is necessary for accounting. 3. To prevent theft, it is necessary to identify. 4. Provisions of the law or required by law if there is an inevitable cause. “Mall” must be clarified, in case of requiring to user’s agree by paragraph2 and 3, beforehand identity of personal information manager (affiliation, name and telephone number, other contact information), the reason for the collection of information, information regarding the third party (who received offers, provide the purpose and content of information provided), etc, act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization Port of the provisions set forth in Article 22, paragraph 2, and the user can withdraw consent at any time. The user who requested the correction of errors in the "mall", and the “Mall” is obliged to take the necessary measure without delay. The user who requested the correction of errors in the "mall" at any time, then the “Mall” does not use the personal information until correcting the error. ⑥ "Mall" is responsible for any loss, theft, leakage on users in order to protect the personal information. “Mall” limits the number of managers to protect credit cards, bank accounts, including personal information. ⑦ "Mall" or from third parties who provide personal information, personal information, achieving the purpose has been accomplished without delay when such personal information is destroyed. Article 18 (the "mall" of the obligation) ① "Mall" must try to provide continuous, reliable service according to laws and this Agreement prohibited or public order and morals, and must not act against these terms. ② "Mall" must have a security system to protect so that users can use this internet service for users' personal information (including credit information). ③ "Mall" should be responsible for the loss of user, 「sign, advertising on the Fairness of the law」 Article 3 prescribed, by providing improper display, advertising about service information ④ "Mall” doesn’t send users unwanted commercial e-mail for commercial purposes. Article 19 (Member ID and password for the obligation) ① Except Article 17, users are responsible on ID and password management. ② Members for their ID and password should not be used for any third party. ③If member see a third party using stolen ID and password, inform “mall” that, and should follow the guidance. Article 20 (obligation of the users) Users are not supposed to. 1. Registration and change false information 2. Anyone who use another's personal information illegally. 3. Change the information of the "Mall" 4. Prohibited by the "mall" of information (computer programs, etc.) transmit or post 5. When infringing on copyrights and intellectual property rights on "Mall" and other third. 6. "Mall" is defamatory and other third parties to interfere with business activity 7. Obscene or violent messages, video, audio, and other public order and morals contrary to the public or to publish information, conduct Mall. Article 22 (Possession and Use of Copyright Restrictions) ①The copyright and other intellectual property belongs to the "Mall.". ② User must not do that third parties should not be used information which belongs to the “Mall” without the prior consent of “Mall”, as the replication, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting and other methods on a commercial basis. ③"Mall" must notify the user in accordance with the agreement, if “Mall” use copyright belonging to the user. Article 23 (Dispute Resolution) ① "Mall" installs management organization, operations to reflect opinions and complaints from users as compensation for damages. ② "Mall" handles matters first such as complaints and comments from users. However, if immediate action cannot be handled, notify the reason and the schedule for users immediately. ③If there will be user’s application for redress about e-commerce disputes between "Mall" and the users may be subject to adjustment by the Fair Trade Commission or the dispute resolution institutions requested by the City • Governor. Article 24 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law) ①During e-commerce dispute between "Mall" and the user, depends on the user's address. If there is no residence, the district court has exclusive jurisdiction. However, if there is unclear address, or the user is foreign resident, Code of Civil Procedure is filed. ② The e-commerce lawsuits filed between "mall" and users apply the laws of Korea.