Personal infomation policy

privacy agreement 1. Member's personal information collection and use We are collecting the minimum necessary information in order to use orders for products and services, payment and order products using the shipping, and to offer other convenience services to members. All of your personal information are never used for other purposes stated above, but when there is a change to use the purpose and use of personal information, we are trying to get your agree. 2. We are provided the required information from members during the period of personal information collection, Item, retention to offer various services to members. It is as in the following. ① Name ② social security number (for members) ③ Address ④ phone number (normal phone and mobile phone) ⑤ hope ID (Members only) ⑥ Password (Members only) Members can provide additional information if they want to register. We are requiring more information to identify the exact order for a smoothly orders, payment and delivery so that we can offer some goods and services. In the case of withdrawal of a member or loss of membership by agreement, the customer's personal information we hold will be destroyed without delay. . Children's Privacy agreement We must obtain the consent of the legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14 by "Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, including Article 31, paragraph 1". Therefore, we don’t collect personal information of children under the 14 years of age as well as the member. However, children under the 14 years of age can join as a member with written consent of the legal representative after certification. In addition, legal guardian of the child who is under the 14 years of age can access, correct, withdrawal if there is such a request, we will take the necessary measures without delay. 4. Provide personal information and shared Personal information of members cannot be provided to third parties in principle. We provide your personal information to a particular company to providing comfort to you. Then we must seek your consent through proper procedures. However, your personal information can be provided without your consent. Only in the following cases: ① The minimum necessary user information for delivery business (name, address, telephone number) ② To not identify a specific individual in the form for statistics, academic research or market research. ③Government requested officially. 5. Access, correction and deletion processing of Personal information. If you're looking for personal information at any time, essential information can be archived and can be modified. In addition, requested additional information is always viewed, modified, you can delete it. If you want to change and delete your personal information and the member withdrew, logging on the company's Customer Service and then it is available. 6. Cookie operations 당We are taking Cookie method for member authentication. It is not stored and deleted on your computer automatically because it is available in public places or someone else. When you're using the computer in public, Please, log out after using the service. 7. Non-customer's personal information management. Non-customers also can purchase goods and service products. We are requesting only necessary personal information to non-members for the delivery and payment of orders, shipping products. ② Non-member’s information (recipient information) will not be used for any purpose other than. It is only used for payment and product delivery purposes. 8. Network Security We have state-of-the-art security system, network-related server. We have taken the best way to protect your personal information with firewall and intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention system. In addition, we are consulting regularly through the security solutions provider, “goum” ( Also, thorough system checks are performed in accordance with the own network security. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) equipped security system for electronic payments is being used through the U.S. VeriSign 社 (Verisign Inc.). 9. Internal security measures Security training is conducted for limited human resources personnel who can handle your personal information regularly and irregularly. In addition, your personal information will be accessible at the secondary password system, and thoroughly respond to external attacks and internal attacks by isolating from external network. As mentioned above, our privacy policy will be enforced, at the same time our site open. We specify our Privacy Officer as follows.