Circumstances such as windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 (32bit,64bit) are available to application.

automatic encryption (Encryption) is stored in a secret space when you save the file in jamultong_ other users
will not be able to identify the spill to other devices, with limited access and monitoring on the server and the storage
device control block transfers.
In addition, the user can adjust random security strength can be operated flexibly,
depending on the work situation in versatile security solution is.

Do you worry any revealing movie, video, data, drawings, various development files at your computer?
Are you scared of others taking a peep your computer?
Do you want to secure your data at your computer from wife, husband, children, brothers, sisters, colleague, boss?
Do you worry revealing your data at USB by missing it?
Do you worry about revealing your data by missing USB?

Are you scared of revealing your data at your laptop?
Do you want to secure your data at external hard?
Do you have a thought that you encode and save your important data?
Do you need your special secret room for yourself?

All of this is safe to
Only I know the space is kept in a special secret.
All data are automatically encrypted and all these devices lose them as saved content so nobody will see will be controlled safely.

Now, JamulTong can figure out your various problems.
Do not worry.
JamulTong completely figures out your worry.
Once installing, you have secret room for watching and saving.
You are feel free to others' screen drop.
Nobody can find out your hidden data.
Encoded data is saved inside of JamulTong.
JamulTong is not seen by others.
Your secret room, JamulTong which is not seen by others but you.
1. Naver done hacking but also proper JamulTong for personal information protection
No one can hack into JamulTong including your personal important data.
You can save personal data, video, movie, address book, drawings, and etc.
2.Unlimited saving space - by JamulTong
Within the computer hard capacity, you can use unlimited secret room.
3.For your private secret room - by JamulTong
It is readily accessible to use computer by someone at company, home, and other shared places.
For these computers, JamulTong is necessarily needed.
Anyone can use PC but nobody can open and look at your data inside JamulTong if you use JamulTong.
4. Encryption completion takes only 1 minute - by JamulTong
It is operated that only 1 minute makes encryption and saving at JamulTong regardless of data types.
To open any file at JamulTong, just inputting password makes automatically decoded and possible to work.
Privacy cultural breakthrough !!! Your own computer in the world jamultong!